Tips og tricks til rustforebyggelse på din bil

Keep Your Car Stainless – Tips and Techniques

Rust prevention should be taken seriously by all car owners as rust not only destroys the car, it also affects the look and the resale price. A place where rust likes to settle is on your car. But you can do different things to keep it in check. If you do not maintain your car, you will see rust marks here and there that ruin the overall look and feel of the car. If you allow rust to occur, it will be difficult to remove later.

It may sound like a cliché, but in this case it is also better to prevent than to cure. Here are some tips and tricks for car owners to help them keep their cars free of rust. These tips slow down the oxidation of even the most sensitive parts of the car and keep it shiny, shiny and free of rust.

Rust Prevention Tips

The following tips for rust prevention will keep your car stainless.

1. Wash and wax

Washing and growing your car regularly will result in a significant reduction in the risk of rust. Not only does rubbish make your car look ugly and sloppy, it also contains a lot of moisture, which is one of the main causes of rust. Washing your car every two weeks will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on it. In addition, if you grow it with a good car wax at least every four months, you keep the paint free of impurities that tend to adhere to the surface and cause the paint to open. These openings cause moisture to penetrate and metal to rust. For rust prevention of your car, it is important to wash and grow it regularly.

2. Protecting your car against road salt

Your car will rust faster if you live close to the sea or a place where there is salt on the roads in winter. The best way to prevent your car from rusting due to road salt is to wash it regularly and then lubricate it underneath with the right lubricant, such as WD-40. The underside and wheels of the car should be cleaned when you see they are dirty, or at least once a week in the winter when there is a lot of salt on the road. Cleaning it too salty and applying a good anti-rust lubricant will prevent your car from rusting as this treatment creates a barrier between the surface of the car and the moisture that is the main cause of rust.

3. Application of WD-40

If you want to avoid all kinds of rust problems on your car and ensure that your car stays in perfect shape all year long, apply an anti-rust lubricant. When it comes to rust prevention, there is nothing that can beat the WD-40. It keeps the metal surfaces dry, which is important to avoid rust on your car. It has all the features you need in a rust prevention spray and keeps your car in order for a long time.

Remember to wash and clean the car thoroughly before applying the WD-40. Then you get the best results. You must spray not only on the outside of the car, but also under the car, where there is a greater tendency to rust. With a coat of WD-40, you keep your car free of rust problems and you avoid the hassle of removing it again.

4. Pay attention to dents, notches and scratches

The way we today build and build parking lots makes today’s cars much closer than ever. This increases the risk that the cars next door will cause scratches and dents when the doors are opened. The car can also get scraped if the person in the car next to it puts its stuff on the bonnet, roof or trunk of your car while unlocking their car. Dumps and notches may also occur as a result of rattles or small stones hitting the car while driving. It is important to be aware of the causes of these problems and to try to avoid them as far as possible. Hooks, scratches and dents cause moisture to accumulate, which causes the car to rust.

5. Drive the extra ride and have the car serviced regularly

If you want to keep your car free of rust, you must drive the extra ride to get a treatment for rust prevention. If there is a long period when the car is not going to be used, wash and spray it with WD-40 – the best rust prevention spray. Do not drive too close to other cars, so you avoid the hacks from the ral looking up at the car. Also, place a coating on the car whenever possible.

It is also important for rust prevention that you inspect and inspect your car regularly. Look for rust on the bodywork and see if the paint in some places on the car has blisters or bubbles as this is the beginning of the rust problems. In particular, check for rust in these areas: trunk and engine, exterior painted parts of the car and undercarriage.

Cars tend to rust, and if they are not maintained well, the rust spreads without you noticing. It is important to keep in mind the above tips and tricks to keep your car stainless. For the past 60 years, the British have been protecting their cars from rust with the help of the WD-40 . It is the ideal, easy-to-spray rust prevention lubricant that provides first-class protection against rust. With a coat of WD-40, your car stays stainless for at least half a year.


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