At rense cykelkæden – så nemt er det

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Here you can see how a bike chain is cleaned

Use the WD-40 Bike Chain Cleaner to clean the bike chain. For the maintenance of the bike chain it is essential to use the WD-40 bike chain on the cassette. It helps to extend the life of the bike, making gear shift easier and thus giving more comfort to the bike. When the chain is cleaned, the pedal should be rotated while the chainsense is sprayed on the sprockets and the bike chain. After a short exposure time, the agent may rinse off and the treated parts can be dried off.

Clean the bike chain – you do that

When the bike chain has to be cleaned, place the bike so that the rear wheel picks up and is easy to rotate. Here you can use a special bike holder as a practical aid. If you do not have such equipment, you can turn the bike over so that it rests on the seat and the handlebar. Before starting to clean the bike chain, place a cloth underneath the bicycle, which can catch drops from the chainsense. It is recommended to turn the pedal counterclockwise with one hand while the chain probe is sprayed with the other hand – thus cleaning all parts of the chain. The product should be used where the bicycle chain and the gears meet.

This cleans the entire cycle chain and gears. The agent should take a few minutes to achieve the optimal effect. If the bicycle chain or gears are particularly dirty, it may be necessary to clean the affected areas with a brush. Here you can, for example, apply a toothbrush. The bristles also reach the small places and can remove sticky particles here. After that, the treated parts should be flushed with clean water. To avoid rust and scale deposits, wipe the bike chain and gears with a cloth.

When your bike chain and bicycle are cleaned and dried, add a little chain oil to dry or humid conditions or chain spray as needed.

Why clean the bike chain?

Certain parts of the bike are worn faster if the particles of particles are attached to them. A very dirty or rusty bike chain also makes it harder to change gear and the cycling gets less come to pass At rense cykelkæden – så nemt er det. The chain sensor can remove dirt in the form of soda, oil and mud from the bicycle chain, gears, cranksets and cassettes. The product leaves no residue, and it helps to reduce wear on the parts of the bicycle. So if you want to maintain your bike and extend its service life, it is a good idea to clean the bike and the bike chain regularly.




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