Enkle tips og tricks til at fjerne tyggegummi fra gulvtæppet

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chewing gum on carpet

How to remove chewing gum from the carpet

Enkle tips og tricks til at fjerne tyggegummi fra gulvtæppet

Carpets and chewing gum are pretty well together and apparently have a hate / love relationship. Especially if you have children at home, you sometimes end up kneeling to remove chewing gum from the carpet in the living room. There is nothing more



 Use to remove chewing gum from the carpet.



It’s annoying than finding a piece of chewing gum on a kidney blanket because you know how hard it will be to remove the stain and how long it takes. In spite of this, you will face the situation quite often. But no panic. What if we tell you that it’s no longer a problem to remove chewing gum patches from the carpet? We are sure that you got a smile on the lip because we know how difficult it is. Here are some easy ways you can



Method 1 – Bridge is

As with all sorts of spots, it is better and easier to remove chewing gum from the carpet immediately. If you let it sit in the carpet for days before attempting to remove it, it will be harder and may not work at all.

Here’s an easy do-it-yourself way to remove chewing gum from the carpet.

  1. Take a zipper and put a handful of ice in it.
  2. Now place the bag directly on the chewing gum platter. Let it lie as long as you can see the chewing gum get hard. Once the chewing gum has become hard, it is easier to remove.
  3. Now use a scraper and scrape the chewing gum off the carpet.
  4. When the chewing gum is removed, do not let the carpet be as it is because it leaves a stain. To ensure that the stain does not get stuck, take a sponge and dip it into a full detergent. Now put the sponge on the stain and rub carefully. This ensures that no stains are left behind the chewing gum.
  5. Take a clean white towel and place it over the chewing gum platter. Dip until all the liquid has been sucked up and the carpet is dry. There is no more chewing gum or stain left, and the carpet is as good as new.

Method 2 – Use WD-40

Do you get guests in an hour and suddenly discover a piece of chewing gum on the carpet? You definitely do not have time to use the longer methods to get rid of the chewing gum. What should you do? There is no need to panic, because there is a handy product that can be used. Yes, we are talking about the WD-40 . Using the WD-40 is not only a simple but also easy and quick method of removing gum from the carpet. Here’s what to do to remove chewing gum and stains from the carpet and make it look like new.

  1. Take the WD-40 and spray an abundant amount of chewing gum.
  2. Let the spray sit in the stain for a few minutes. It’s not necessary to let it sit for an hour or more, because it works immediately.
  3. Take a nail brush and remove the stain. Be sure to scrub the spot in the same direction, either to the right or left, and keep scrubbing in the same direction with an easy and fast movement. Do not be too hard at the carpet as you may damage it.
  4. Continue spraying more WD-40 while scrubbing the rug with the brush.

That way, it takes only 10 minutes to get rid of the chewing gum platter and your carpet looks clean and tidy so nobody can see that there was a chewing gum on it a few minutes ago. This is the fastest and easiest solution to remove chewing gum from the carpet without destroying the appearance of the rug.

Method 3 – Use your hair dryer

Here’s another way to remove chewing gum from the carpet. All you need is a hair dryer, something that is found in any home. Below you can read a step-by-step guide to removing chewing gum pads from the carpet using a hair dryer. The important thing here is not to wait too long to work with the spot – the longer you let it sit, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

  1. Direct the hair dryer directly to the chewing gum platter as soon as you spot it.
  2. Be careful to keep the chewing gum intact, as excessive heat can melt the fibers in the carpet.
  3. When the chewing gum starts to melt, take a plastic bag and scrape the chewing gum. Since the chewing gum is melted, it adheres to the plastic bag and it will not be difficult to get away.
  4. Continue this way until the chewing gum plate is no longer visible.

These were some easy ways to remove chewing gum from the carpet easily and quickly. With these methods, it is now no longer a problem to remove chewing gum patches from the carpet. If we choose one of these three methods, it is the WD-40 method, as it is not only quick and practical but also extremely effective. It leaves no spots at all. It’s also a quick way to remove chewing gum from the carpet, so if you’re busy, take a bottle of WD-40 and remove the chew gum immediately. Always have a bottle of WD-40 standing at home, as it is convenient to have a lot of situations where you can not find a resort.

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