Enkle tips og tricks til fjernelse af vandpletter på spejlet

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Removal of water stains from mirrors

Water stains on mirrors are a gene that most of us have experienced several times. If they are not removed properly, they leave a visible stain on the mirror. No matter where you live, you have been exposed to these stubborn water stains on your bathroom mirror, on the windshield of the car and on the windows of your home. If the stains are not removed in the right way and on time, they become impossible to remove and make the mirror or glass unusable. There are various cleaning agents for removing water stains and cleaning the mirror. If you want answers on how to clean these watermarks on mirrors and glasses, keep reading and get some easy ways to do that.

Removal of water stains from mirrorsEnkle tips og tricks til fjernelse af vandpletter på spejlet

Kitchen and bathroom windows and mirrors are the most common places where water stains come as water droplets easily sprinkle up from the sink. There are many techniques to get rid of these water stains, but if it’s hard water, it’s not all the techniques that work. You must clean every single time the laundry is used and nobody has time to do that. Here are some steps you can follow to remove water stains from mirrors and windows to make them as good as new ones.

Step 1: Make a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. It is best to use water with few minerals.

Step 2: Take a towel and dip it into the mixture. Use it to dry the stains. The towel must be soaked

Step 3: In case of difficult stains, push the towel to the area for a few minutes. The acid in vinegar helps to soften the minerals in hard water, making it easy to remove these stains. You can also put the wet towel on the mirror or window glass until the water stains disappear.

If you do not want through the above processes, you can use the WD-40 as it effectively removes water stains from mirrors. It is an effective spray for cleaning the mirror and removing water stains and making them look new.

Removal of water stains from large glass sections or windows

Water stains can be formed in other areas, such as shower doors. In such large areas it will be too time consuming to follow the above method of dipping the towel. Follow the procedure below to get rid of water stains in large areas.

Step 1: Prepare a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Take a plastic spray bottle and pour the mixture into it.

Step 2: Spray the mixture in the areas with water stains. Use a towel to rub the mixture and break down the mineral deposits of the waterplots so that they can easily be removed

Step 3: Rinse the glass thoroughly and remove excess water with a sponge. When done, polish the area with a clean cloth

Step 4: In the case of stuck water stains, you can loosen the mineral deposits with an old toothbrush. Brush the area vigorously until the water stains are removed

More tips and tricks

Here is a list of proven methods to remove water deposits from glass and mirrors. These cleaners help to break down the mineral content in the water stains and to remove them easily so you’ll be left with shiny clean windows and mirrors.


Nothing beats WD-40 when it comes to cleaning mirrors and removing water stains. It’s easy to use and just spray the fluid on that area and rubbing it clean with a clean cloth. It leaves your windows and mirrors sparkling clean and as good as new, just like if you had used a professional window shutter. It easily removes water splashes by reacting with the minerals in the water and loosening their bonds, making water splashes easier.

Pure white vinegar:

If there are very stuck spots on the mirror, use pure white vinegar to clean it. Spray the vinegar on the glass, or wrap a towel in it and use it to rub the stains away. Remember to use proper rubber gloves to protect your hands against the acid in vinegar.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is also useful when it comes to removing water stains from mirrors due to its acidity. Mix lemon juice with water and use this mixture to remove water stains from mirrors and glass.

Baking Soda:

It is an excellent cleaning agent. Make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply the paste to the affected areas of the mirror or glass. Let it sit for approx. half an hour and rinse it clean with a wet towel and rinse thoroughly. It leaves the mirror as good as new.

Cleaning Alcohol:

Cleaning alcohol is also useful when trying to remove water stains from mirrors and glass. Take some cleansing alcohol and mix with four parts of water. Use this mix to clean the windows. It is effective for moderate water stains and is an excellent solution for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Dishwasher detergent for dishwasher:

A simple mixture of dishwashing liquid detergent for the dishwasher and water can also be used to remove water stains from mirrors and glass.

Use salmiac spirits:

One of the best cleaners is liquid salmiac spirits. Leave a mixture of salmiac spirits and water, wrap a towel in it and use it to remove water stains from mirrors and glasses. It is important that you wear protective gloves when using salmiac spirit, as it may cause serious damage. It can also cause skin irritation, so be careful when using it.

These simple tips can be used to remove water stains from mirrors. Our favorite product when it comes to cleaning mirrors and removing water stains is the WD-40, as it’s easy to use and provides fast and excellent results.


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