Ever wondered how to stop the squeak on patio doors? Is it because of the patio doors build up moisture and dirt. If someone wants to stop squeaking on patio doors, then you must first find the origin of the problem. If the wheels are not adjusted properly, the bottom does not have a trace. Is the build up of dirt, moisture or dirt that makes them creak? Whatever it is, you should be able to stop the squeak on the patio doors with a few simple procedures. Here they are:

Here’s how to stop the squeaky patio doors with 3 Simple Steps

  1.   Stop Creaking Patio Doors: Make adjustments

To stop the creaking patio doors , find out where the creak comes from. Are they coming from the top or bottom? If the sound seems to come from the top, the door rollers may have been set too high. This means that the top of the patio door scrubs against the upper frame or channel.

Similarly, if you think the squeak is coming from the bottom of the patio door, then the rollers may have been set too low. Once you’ve figured out which is the problem, you can go ahead and find two small holes at the top or bottom of your patio door.

These holes are in place because of the wheels on these patio doors that require adjustments according to the frames they are inserted in. Depending on where you feel the squeak appear to come from, gently screw a screwdriver into the hole and find the screws. These screws will raise or lower your patio door from their tracks.

When turning the screws, make small adjustments and test your patio doors at the same time. Doing so will not overshadow the perfect setting. You’ve completed the first step to stop the creaking on the patio doors – keep going.

  1. Stop Creaking Patio Doors: Cleaning

Cleaning is the next step to help you stop squeaky patio doors . Cleaning the tracks of the patio doors may require some vacuuming and scrubbing with a wet cloth or towel. By doing this, both visible and invisible forms of dirt and debris are removed. It is important to repeat the process every week to ensure that the build-up of pollutants is not too harmful.

  1. Stop Creaking Patio Doors: Lubricate them with WD-40

To stop creaking patio doors, you should also consider lubricating the doors. Once you have cleaned the traces, you can go ahead and lubricate them. To do this, we strongly recommend using the WD-40. This product will not only smooth your patio door traces, but will also help prevent future build-up of pollutants or rust.

So there you have it! If you follow all the above tips, your patio door will not make those annoying sounds again.

The uses shown and described for the WD-40 Multi-Use Product were provided to the WD-40 Company by the users themselves. These uses have not been tested by the WD-40 Company and do not constitute a recommendation for proposals to use the WD-40 Company. Common sense should be exercised when using WD-40 Company products. Always follow the instructions and follow all warnings printed on the packaging.

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